Dr David Hodge is a Brisbane Northside Vet who is accredited to administer the Hendra Virus Vaccine to your horse.

Performance Equine Veterinarians has the Hendra Virus Vaccine available for immediate use.

  • Hendra Virus is a deadly disease that can kill horses and humans;
  • Vaccination is the best prevention tool we have in the fight against Hendra Virus;
  • Vaccinating against Hendra Virus involves two injections, 21 days apart;
  • The vaccine is only available through an Accredited Veterinarians (we are accrediated);
  • Information about the horse, including permanent identification with microchip and the vaccine used will be recorded in a central database;
  •  Any horses not micro-chipped must be micro-chipped at the time of 1st vaccination;
  • The Equine Infectious Diseases Advisory Board have developed an easy to follow vaccination protocol for horse owners. View it here: Hendra Virus Fact Sheet for Horse Owners
  • Call us now to book in your vaccination schedule 0427 176 863



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