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      • JULY 7, 2017
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      Performance Equine Vet Service Brisbane | Export & Pre Purchase X-Rays and Examinations A Must

      Performance Equine Vet Service Brisbane | Export & Pre Purchase X-Rays and Examinations A Must

      PRE-PURCHASE EXAMS A SOUND ECONOMIC INVESTMENT Only an experience & accomplished equine veterinarian can help determine the prospect’s overall health and condition.   NO PASS OR FAIL The equine veterinarian’s job is not to either pass or fail an animal. It is to provide you with information regarding any existing medical problems and explain the

      • NOVEMBER 3, 2014
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      Listen to ABC Rural News Radio Hendra Virus – Dr Nathan Anthony gives an update on the Hendra virus vaccine

      With 250,000th dose of the Hendra vaccine having now been administered, president of Equine Veterinarians Australia Dr Nathan Anthony explains what this means for horse owners. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-11-03/hendra-virus-vaccine-update/5863174

      • NOVEMBER 2, 2012
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      Latest Information for Horse Owners on Hendra Virus

      Performance Equine Veterinarians advises all horse owners of the latest research in Hendra Virus and the subsequent development of a vaccine for Hendra Virus. Dr David Hodge is a Brisbane Northside Vet who is accredited to administer the Hendra Virus Vaccine. The Equine Infectious Diseases Advisory Board have developed an easy to follow vaccination protocol

      • MARCH 5, 2011
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      Laminitis Performance Equine Veterinary Service Information for Horse Owners

      Performance Equine Veterinary Service Information on Laminitis for Horse Owners Evaluating The Lame Horse Stress, strain, or injury can take a toll on any horse, even one with no obvious conformation defects. When lameness occurs, you should contact your Veterinarian promptly. A prompt examination can save you time, money, and frustration by diagnosing and treating